Take advantage of our in house fully customizable CNC router services to accommodate your cutting specifications. The CNC routing  process is extremely versatile and the designs options are limitless and include kitchens, vanities, desks, furniture, custom closets, counter tops, and any style of door that you can imagine.

  • CNC router services for individuals and companies. We work with carpenters, industrial businesses and craftspeople.
  • indoor and outdoor architectural/engineering router services.
  • Several options for available materials.
  • Custom art for interior decorating – both personal & professional.
  • Fast turnarounds for short runs.
  • Router services that utilize the highest standards required for high-quality manufacturing.

Take a look at some of the amazing woodworking projects developed by Copper Tree Renovations.

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Questions about our services?

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Do you have questions about our services?

Do you have questions about our services?

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